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Direct Marketing with Regular Mail

Targeting City Gas and Heating Business Communities in China

More than A Thousand of Mailing Labels

  are ready for printing and pasting to your envelops, processed from the

unpublished the Address Book of the Members of China Gas Association
Most multinational companies have set up their representative office in China for many years and have gradually built up their contacts and finally make sales and profits. Many small and medium size companies could not afford to set up an office in China and they usually travel to China to meet their contacts and hope to finally sell their products, services, or technologies in China.  After several tries, many companies find out that not only business traveling in China is very expensive but also many so called "contacts" are faked, who can not make any deal for them and only waste their time and money.  Is there any cheap and efficient way to market your gas and heating business in China?
Many companies ignore or overlook the the most easily overlooked money making secret in today's China marketing:

the humble "Regular Mail" marketing campaign!!!

Why direct regular mail marketing is cheap?  Everybody knows how to compare
  • How much costs for airline tickets;
  • How much costs for lodging and meals;
  • How much costs for hosting the banquets;
  • How much costs for setting up a booth in the exhibition;  
  • How much costs for paying commission for middle men.
Therefore the direct regular mail is a faster, easier, and cheaper way to marketing your business to the direct targets, to dramatically increase sales, and to find reliable direct clients and partners at the extremely low costs. We provide you more than a thousand mailing labels for targeting the city gas business communities in China and more than 200 heating business targets in China.  The address books are internally published and not available for public.  We provide these ready-to-go mailing labels to you at the cost less than your one night regular hotel room charge in China.
You may argue that "e-mail marketing campaign is free".  Unfortunately, we do not provide e-mail address for the gas and heating business communities in China.  It is not because of currently serious e-mail "Spam".  Even no "Spam" problem, the direct regular mail marketing is still more efficient than e-mail marketing in China. because
  • Most decision makers in China's enterprises do not check e-mail regularly;
  • Many decision makers in China do not have e-mail address;
  • Most companies in China are eager to directly establish the relationship  with the international companies;
  • It is an easy way to get your brand recognized as most the Chinese companies read and treat international mails very seriously.
We make your regular mail marketing much easier as all your target mailing addresses are converted into MS word format mailing labels.  You just print the mailing label papers and pill each label off and paste it to your company envelops and ready to go.  It is just that easy! How much time you save!  Please click here to see the sample of PDF electronic format, which can be read by Acrobat Reader
You not only get the ready-to-go mailing labels, but also get the address books with company name, street address, city, province, postal code, telephone number, and contact persons for thousands of companies, government agencies, and institutions in China's gas, heating, real estate, manufacturers, and other related organizations. All those contact information can not be found publicly.
If you try to find a completed contact information in China gas and heating industries, you can not easily find them through telephone book or or any address book in China.  You can only find them through the internal published membership books of China Gas Association and China District Heating Association.

To order the completed gas and heating business contact information in China and ready-to-go mailing labels, please click the following address book titles:

The address book of the members of China Gas Association and mailing labels for each member: You can find the address, telephone number, and contact person for more than 1,500 gas distribution companies, gas appliance companies, and related gas institutions in China.  All members mailing labels are ready in MS word mailing label format for printing out. Click here to order now.

The address book of the members of China District Heating Association: You can find the address, telephone number, and contact person for more than 200 heating supply companies, heating equipment companies, co-generation companies, and related heating institutions in China. Click here to order now.

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