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China Gas and Heating Market Report Series

We provide this series of China Gas and Heating Market Reports that you can not find anywhere else.  Unlike some other websites sell many categories of the reports related to the business in China on different industrial sectors, we only focus on gas and heating business markets in China and provide an informative and specific information to solve your real problems and needs.  Our goal is to help you to get the specific and in-depth information you really need.  We do not recommend you to buy the general topic reports, such as "China Natural Gas" with a basic knowledge and information which change quickly in the current dynamic market situation in China. 

It is our expertise and experiences that can provide so many specific reports which you can not find in anywhere else.  Our employees and partners have worked in China gas and heating business for more than 20 years, including the government officials, executives, engineers, and researchers in the Chinese gas, heating, enterprises, and institutions. The information in the reports was collected from the reliable published and unpublished authoritative sources and through interviewing with the related government officials, company executives and engineers, and institution researchers. 

The followings are some of our clients:

ITT Industries
Yokogava Electric Corporation
First Boston Consulting
JP Morgen
Universal Compression
Johnson Motor
Deutsche Bank
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