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Fuzhou City LNG Market and Prefeasibility Report

Fuzhou city is a capital city of Fujian Province which is located along Taiwan strait.  This report provides detailed analysis on every district of Fuzhou city and adjacent Fuqing city, including social and economic situation, existing LPG consumption and facilities, future gas demand, and proposed new facilities development.   This is a more detailed complement report for the South East Fujian Province LNG market report.  As Fuzhou city will not benefit from the west to east cross China natural gas transmission pipeline, so LNG becomes first priority for natural gas development in Fuzhou city and other cities of Fujian Province. They  will be the next LNG target markets after developing LNG project in Guangdong province. 
Table of Content:
1.  Introduction
       1.1  Basis for Preparing the Report
       1.2  Guideline for Preparing the Report
       1.3  Covering regions of the report
       1.4  City and City Gas Situation
2.  Gas Supply Areas and Supply Scale Forecasts
       2.1  Gas Supply Guidelines
       2.2  Gas Supply Areas
       2.3  Natural Gas Market Prediction
       2.4  Basic Data for Project Design
       2.5  End Users Coverted Heating demand from Gas
       2.6  Uneven Parameters of Gas Usage
       2.7  End Users Daily and Annual Gas Consumption Calculation
       2.8  Gas Consumption Prediction
       2.9  Storage Capacity
3.  City Gas Distribution System Design
       3.1  Distribution System Selection
       3.2  Pipeline Pressure Grades
       3.3  Storage Selection
       3.4  High and Medium Pressure Control Station Selections
4.  City Gate Design
       4.1  Brief Description
       4.2  Process Design
       4.3  City Gate Station Selections
5.   CNG Refilling Stations
       5.1  Process Flow Chart
       5.2  CNG Station Location
6.   High Pressure Pipelines
       6.1  Pipeline Direction Selection
       6.2  High Pressure Pipeline Direction Selection
       6.3  High Pressure Pipeline Storage Capacity Calculation
       6.4  The Strength Calculation for High Pressure Pipelines and Pipeline Selection
       6.5  The Place for High Pressure Pipeline Crossing
7.    City Distribution Pipeline Design
       7.1  Medium Pressure Pipeline Location
       7.2  Medium Pressure Pipeline Hydraulic Calculation
       7.3  Materials and Erosion Protection of the Pipelines
       7.4  The Places of Pipeline Crossing
       7.5 Pressure Control Facilities Design
8.    Data Acquisition and Monitoring System
       8.1  Designed Functions of the System
       8.2  Operation System Description
       8.3  Management System Description
       8.4  Communication System
9.    Existing Gas Facility Reform and Application
       9.1  Gas Source Reform and Application
       9.2  Distribution Pipeline Reform and Application
       9.2  Gas Replacement Workability
10.   Energy Saving
       10.1  Basis for Design
       10.2  Energy Consumption Parameters and Analysis
       10.3  Energy Saving Methods
11.   Safety and Health
       11.1  Basis
       11.2  Project Briefing
       11.3  Main Harmful Factors Analysis
       11.4  Protection Methods
       11.5 Safety and Health Organizations
12.  Environment Protection
       12.1  Basis
       12.2  Main Pollution Materials
       12.3  Main Protection Methods
       12.4  Lawn and Vegetation
       12.5  Environment Protection Organizations   
13.  Fire Protection
       13.1  Basis
       13.2  Project Briefing
       13.3  Fire Protection Methods
14.  Management and Employees
       14.1  Management
       14.2  Employees
       14.3  Training
15.  Investment Estimation and Finance
       15.1  Investment Estimation
       15.2  Finance
16.   Financial Evaluation
       16.1  Evaluation Methods
       16.2  Data
       16.3  Financial Evaluation
17.   Conclusion and Problems
       17.1  Conclusion
       17.2  Comments and Suggestions
Reference Accounts:
This report was provided to the Fujian provincial government for LNG project development planning as a detailed complement for the Source East Fujian Province LNG Market Report.  This report will benefit for LNG developer to ensure if the market exists and for natural gas equipment and appliance manufacturers to identify end users and potential market in the specific cities and in Fujian province.
Publication: May 2001
(103 pages, Electronic MS word Format is available )
Language: Chinese (English translation would be considered with an extra cost )
Price: US$ 497
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