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China’s LPG Market Opportunities

  - The path led to where it is today and guided for the future trend

This report reveals the LPG market opportunities and a completed historical LPG market development in China. You will be benefited from this report by understanding and finding the following marketing tips and tricks
- how LPG demand has grown with economic development
- what is the relationship between LPG consumption and per capita GDP
- why the imported LPG has taken more market shares
- how LPG price has gradually been decided by market forces
- why the imported LPG has mostly gone for South China and East China
- why East China is more sensitive than South China on imported LPG price
- what is the LPG market situation in the regions of north and west China
- who are major LPG producers and importers in China and their ability
- how Middle East and Asia Pacific LPG exporters has competed in China
- why Butane has surpassed the Propane and mixed LPG import recently
- how domestic LPG output has grown with the domestic oil refinery capacity
- why Sinopec and Petro China can dominate domestic LPG output
- how natural gas development will affect future LPG market
By understanding this "China's LPG story" of how the LPG got to where it is today, you will get your own judgments on how to run your LPG business in China
Table of Content:
LPG Market Evolution in China
LPG Supply and Demand in Major Regions, 1991- 2001
South China
East China
North and the Northeast China
Northwest and Southwest China
Understanding LPG Pricing Situation in China
Major LPG Players and Importers
LPG Import and LPG Domestic Production
LPG import fluctuation
LPG import share switch between Middle East and Asia Pacific
LPG import changes in different regions in China
Imported LPG category changes – mixed LPG, Propane, and Butane
Domestic LPG output vs. domestic oil refineries
Looking Forward: The Challenge from Natural Gas
Table 1. China LPG supply, demand, import, and export 1990 - 2002
Table 2. China’s LPG consumption structure 1980 - 2001
Table 3. Year 2001 LPG, Natural Gas, and Coal Gas Residential Consumption in China's cities
Table 4. Regional LPG output, import, Export, and consumption in 2001
Table 5. Main sources of LPG import and their percentage of total import 1992  to 2002
Table 6. China Regional LPG import from 1992 to 2002
Table 7. Processed crude oil vs. LPG output 1990 - 2002
Table 8. LPG produced by China’s major domestic LPG producers 1999 - 2002
Figure 1.  Per Capita GDP by Province in China
Figure 2.   Imported LPG category changes: 1995 to 2002
Reference Accounts:
This report is provided to the Chinese government for making LPG development planning and is a valuable reference for the LPG developer, exporter, and users to understand China's LPG market history and future trend.
Publication: July 2003
(25 pages, MS Word Format)
Language: English
Price: US$ 297
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