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Natural Gas and Coal Gas Utilization Statistics in the Cities of China

  (Year 2010 Data and Year 2011 Publication)

This is an annual statistics published in December 2011 by the authoritative Chinese government agency, covering the data in 2010.  The data is provided by the each city of 31 provinces and autonomous regions, and municipality direct under the central government.  Total cities in China in 2010 is 657.   This is an exclusively authoritative statistics in China regarding natural gas and coal gas supply and utilization in the Chinese cities.
Table of Content for Natural Gas:
       Total Natural Gas Utilization in the Each City
       Natural Gas Storage Capacity
       Natural Gas Distribution Pipeline Length
       Natural Gas Purchase
       Total Natural Gas Supply
       Residential Natural Gas Consumption
       Numbers of Commercial, Small Industrial and Residential Natural       Users
       Numbers of Residential Household Natural Gas Users
       Population of Using Natural Gas
       Numbers of Natural Gas Vehicle CNG Refueling Stations
Table of Content for Coal Gas:
       Total Coal Gas Utilization in the Each City
       Coal Gas Production Capacity
       Coal Gas Storage Capacity
       Coal Gas Distribution Pipeline Length
       Self-produced Coal Gas Supply
       Coal Gas Purchase
       Total Coal Gas Supply
       Residential Coal Gas Consumption
       Numbers of Commercial, Small Industrial, and Residential Coal Gas Users
       Numbers of Residential Household Coal Gas Users
       Populations of Using Coal Gas
Reference Accounts:
This statistics is a key and basic data source for natural gas and coal gas demand and market analysis.  Combined with the LPG utilization, heating utilization, and other comprehensive city statistics, you will get the desired results of China gas market based on the first hand primary data sources. The statistics is translated into English and converted into Excel format which help the researchers doing statistics analysis conveniently.

As coal gas is being gradually replaced by natural gas, so this coal gas statistics will give a detailed picture for future natural gas market in the Chinese cities.  Along with natural gas replacement, pipeline connections, gas meters, and gas control systems will be replaced and updated.  Natural gas equipment manufacturers also can find valuable market information from this coal gas statistics.

Publication: December 2011
Excel Format
Language: English
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