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Middle Sichuan Province Natural Gas Vehicle and CNG Refueling Station Projects

This paper provides a general planning for middle Sichuan province NGV and NGV refueling station development.  The report lists the number of vehicles and refueling stations to be build from 2000 to 2005.  The report provides detailed local natural gas resource, local compressor and CNG station manufacturer abilities, and market prospect.
Table of Content:
1.  Sichuan province basic conditions for NGV
       1.1  Vehicle exhaust situation
       1.2  Rich natural gas resource and well developed transmission pipelines
       1.3  Current NGV promotion and application
2.  NGV general development planning
       2.1  NGV development planning
       2.2  Natural gas resource utilization and pollution control
3.  Development planning and implementation
       3.1  Development planning
       3.2  Technical support
       3.3  organization
       3.4  Management and favored policies
4.  Suggestions
1.  Memorandum for Sichuan provincial government to promote NGV development
Reference Accounts:
This report is a guideline for Sichuan province NGV and CNG refueling station development. NGV conversion companies and CNG refueling station manufacturers will have the opportunities to study the market first before deciding to sell your equipment and technologies to Sichuan province
Publication: December 1998
(8 pages, PDF electronic format is available, which can be read by Acrobat Reader )
Language: Chinese (English translation would be considered with an extra cost )
Price: US$ 19
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